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 Money Healing for Spiritual women in business

Enjoy more wealth, joy and freedom with pig magic


My name is Susan

and I am your very own Pig Witch, here to bring the ancient power of the Pig into your life. A lot of personal development and spiritual work can feel very serious so my mission is to heal with humour and practical tools. Pig has lived alongside humans for over 9,000 years so she knows all our quirks and foibles - especially when it comes to fun, love and money.

Many civilisations have been built on her blood and bones - from piglet sacrifices to Isis in Ancient Egypt to pig to human organ transplants today. This is why I urge you to be PIG-HEADED and focus on the good stuff which is already in your life. Then once we've expanded your capacity for fun, love and money, we can be

PIG-HEARTED and share your new joie de vivre with the world through new ideas and projects. 



Susan Dickerson
Image by Jakob Owens



Professional Pig Magic

Do you want to fill your piggby bank? Are you Feeling that you can't see the wood for the trees in your career or in your current business? Tap into Pig Magic to get clarity about your next steps, create structure and avoid frazzle and overwhelm.


Personal Pig Magic

Feeling love-starved, unhappy and frustrated in a current relationship or wallowing in nostalgia? Pig Magic will help you to let go of the past gently and make a fresh start. 


Bespoke Pig Magic

Pig Magic can provide a fun and insightful alternative or supplement to traditional supervision for therapists, coaches and healers and other helpful people. 

Want Some Pig Magic In Your Life? 

Let's Chat!
If you want to book a coaching session with me, are keen to collaborate or would like to interview me please do get in touch – I do love to hear from you!
E-mail me at or fill in the handy form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Our Happy Clients

Shockingly good! I can't thank you enough for today! I feel so much more regulated and calm. It was exactly what I needed. 


Pig Magic UK.jpg

 Make friends with money and have more fun  so that you can go for what you REALLY want at work or in your personal life without burning out.

Get your snout out for pig magic



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