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What the oink is going on?

After fulfilling my childhood dream to become a journalist and glossy magazine editor, I became a freelance PR writer and decided to write a funny novel set in East Anglia, my ancestral home. I wrote the beginning, the end and some scrappy bits in the middle and put it all in a box file. When I went on retreat last summer, I realised that the story I was trying to write was something I needed to evoke and embody. I followed my intuition and after 15 years of being a quiet, solitary hedgewitch under the radar, I needed to come out of the broom closet and step into service and sisterhood as a priestess. 

I was, quite frankly, terrified. 

Mainly because I live in a part of England which is renowned for witch trials. In addition, the divine feminine was hard to picture in a culture which is still coloured by God the father and the son rather than Goddess the mother and the daughter. Being in temple space with other women singing to the Goddess and connecting with my female ancestors was profoundly moving.

I realised I didn't even know the first name of my great-grandmother, my father's grandmother. Her name was Harriet Elizabeth Holder and while her husband was talking milk to market in a horse-drawn cart or serving in the Army Veterinary Corps, she was feeding the pigs, raising her children and running the farm. 

Some people get a vision of the Virgin Mary. Some people feel a connection to Cleopatra and the glories of Ancient Egypt. I got a pig in front of me on my path and the strong sense of my ancestors saying 'Get on with it.' So I walked with the Pig. 

Pig energy is earthy, powerful and unstoppable. It is also sensitive, discerning and nurturing. Yes, you can be stubborn and tender. Yes, you can be creative and particular. Yes, you can be whatever the heck you want - all mixed up like the meat and fat in a rasher of streaky bacon.

Your desires can change day by day, minute by minute. You can also change your mind. And that's ok too. Pig's message is 'Start again, try again, love again. Because whatever the question the answer is love. And that means giving yourself more love, attention and respect, first and foremost.' 

Pig Magic is for those who want something a little different, down-to-earth, funny and eclectic when it comes to attracting more fun, love and money in life. Pigs are woven into global culture as a way of reflecting human nature in all its shapes and colours. Pig can help you to be greedy and follow your heart's desire, to be discerning when sorting through what is in front of you and to see how even the shit times provide valuable compost for more growth. 

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